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RAW conversion: Photoshop ACR vs Nikon NX2

Many of you will know this, but for those that don’t, all RAW converters are not the same. Check out the images below. I’ve cut them in two, and although they are the same photos, one side shows different colour rendition and contrast to the other. However, all I’ve done is open the same RAW…

Beginners Guide: Basic Photoshop shortcuts [video]

If there is one thing I like, it’s to spend more time taking my photo’s than editing them. Of course some degree of processing IS part of the workflow that can’t be avoided…but…you can decrease your time sat in front of the PC by using a few keyboard shortcuts to speed up your Photoshop operation….

How to find your cameras shutter count

Here’s a quick tip…want to find out the exact number of actuation’s (aka the shutter count) on your Nikon DSLR? Well, here is a simple way using Photoshop CS3. The information is only viewable in RAW files so open your latest one and go to ‘File’ then ‘File Info’ and click the tabs as per the image below. Viola!…

Photo editing with less clutter

This is a great little tip for viewing your images in Photoshop in a variety of ways, and shows you how to quickly alter your work space and remove all your tool palettes and screen furniture to view or work on your images with little or no clutter. It’s especially good to use if you…