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5 Beautiful Urban Badger Photos

There is something special about the badger. They are both incredibly peaceful and beautiful animals with which my garden plays host to several, that pass through when night falls, as they forage around their urban surroundings. It was a truly wonderful day when I discovered these most unexpected of visitors and I’ve spent the last...

Skomer Island: The Magic Hour

Nikon D800 with 200 f2 + 1.4x TC

Skomer. The beautiful island just off the Pembrokeshire coast hides a (well known!) secret. Long after the day trippers have boarded their boats for mainland and the harsh light has mellowed as the sun lowers in the sky, the true magic of this wildlife haven is unlocked. For, it’s only then that Skomer and it’s...

Waxwings in West London’s suburbia

Waxwing in search of berries

On a cold Sunday morning in the middle of January, a few years ago, I found myself standing at a bus stop opposite a parade of shops in suburban West London. Not to catch the bus though. Instead, bizarrely, to photograph some feathered visitors from Scandinavia for the first time. Waxwings. A bus stop isn’t...

Snettisham Knots. A first visit.

D800, 600VR + 1.4x, 1/400, f7.1, ISO 1250

3:30am. My alarm is going off and as I’ve only had 2 and half hours sleep I feel a little grumpy. But fast forward to 715am and after a two and a half hour drive and a 1.5km walk, I find myself sitting in one of the hides at Snettisham for the first time, eagerly...