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Gitzo GT5541LS tripod

Whether you’re a medium/large format photographer, a big lens shooter using lenses like a 600mm f4, 800 f5.6, Sigma 300-800 zoom or just after a solid base for landscapes and macro, one thing is certain – you need very sturdy support. Enter the Gitzo 5 series range of tripods and the mighty GT5541LS, or as they like to call it ‘The...

Wimberley MKII (WH-200) Review

The ultimate in long lens gimbal heads, especially for 600mm telephoto users. The Wimberley MKII needs no introduction…if you shoot with any of the super telephotos, is this really the ultimate support to get? Lets get on with the review and find out how the king of the gimbals performs. Update 2017: Is the Wimberly...

Manfrotto 393 gimbal head

Looking for a cheaper alternative to the Wimberley but want a gimbal head to support your big lenses? Look no further than the Manfrotto 393… Build quality The Manfrotto 393 (or Bogen 3421 in America), whilst not the ultimate in build quality and maybe a tad bulky, it is very sturdy and far from poorly...