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Nikon Z8 & Z9 Wildlife Photography Settings Guide

Get the very best from your Nikon Z8 or Z9, with this comprehensive setup guide. Beautifully illustrated and full of tips, tricks and advice. This eBook will assist you in understanding the best wildlife photography settings, to help you get the most from any photo opportunity. Written to make a complex system as easy to understand as possible, this guide will walk you through all the most important options and settings.

VERSION 1 (Z8 firmware 2.0 and Z9 firmware 5.0)

Book overview

Containing 242 pages and almost 37,000 words, the Nikon Z8 & Z9 Wildlife Photography Settings Guide is a substantial resource for photographers of all levels. Written and designed to make a complex camera system as easy to understand as possible.

All of this is based on Richard's vast experience, using the Z system to photograph wildlife all over the world. You will learn how, and why, he sets his cameras to capture his photos. Alongside that you'll get alternate ideas too, empowering you to create your own perfect camera customisations and setup.

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Your guide comes in both PDF and EPUB versions. This offers you the most flexible way to read. PDF's can be viewed on any device with ease. Alternatively, use the EPUB file with your favourite reader. For example, open in Apple Books and let iCloud sync the guide to all your devices.

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About the author

Richard Peters has shot with almost every Nikon DSLR from the D100 up, and his work has evolved as the technology has improved. He is an Alumni of the Ambassador programme and also works closely with Swarovski Optik and Datacolor. Richard has a style that is well known for capturing dramatic light and his work has been awarded internationally in many competitions. This includes twice in Wildlife Photographer of the Year, plus being one of the only British photographers to be named European Wildlife Photographer of the Year. Richard's expertise also makes him an experienced judge, having been on the jury for European Wildlife Photographer of the Year, the British Wildlife Photography Awards and many more. You can also find out more about his first book, Wildlife Photography at Home.

Discover all this and more

Shooting Modes

Manual, Aperture or Shutter Priority? Richard will explain his favourite way to shoot, plus help you learn the pros and cons of that and the other modes. There really is no one-mode-suits-all. So this will help you understand which is best for you.

Photo Shooting Menu

Dive into the Photo Shooting Menu and find out which settings are crucial, which ones are set-and-forget, and which can be changed in far quicker and more effective ways.

Autofocus Explained

The guide will help you better understand which of the Z8 and Z9's 11 focus modes to use and when. And importantly, which ones may not be as useful and why.

Shooting/Display Options

Mirrorless cameras have an array of information visible in their EVF's. The Nikon Z system is no different. Find out what the most helpful information is and how to remove the clutter, for a streamlined and clean interface.

Custom Control Optimisation

This section will help you navigate both Custom Function buttons and Menu customisations. One of the key elements to using these cameras efficiently, lay within this subset of the menu system.

Setup Menu

There are some powerful, and hidden, gems tucked away in this part of the Z system. Find out what they are and how to make best use of them.

z8 & Z9 Wildlife Settings Guide



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