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Nikon D4s: Should you upgrade?

The Nikon D4s. King of the darkness. Just.

Question time: If you own a Nikon D4, should you upgrade it to a D4s? There’s always a flurry of activity with any new camera release and a surge in initial excitement. The new Nikon D810 received it in abundance but what of the D4s! It seemed to all go quiet very quickly. It was...

Nikon D810, a super quiet powerhouse!

Nikon D810, 600VR, 1/640, f5.6, ISO 560

Sssshhhh, what was that? There it goes again, like a feint muffled click. That my friends, will be the beautifully quiet shutter on the Nikon D810, the highly anticipated replacement to the ground breaking D800/E. Update: May 2017 Since picking up the D810 when it was first released, I’ve shot with it almost exclusively and...

Nikon D4s vs D4 high ISO *UPDATE*

The Nikon D4s and older D4, side by side

*Updated now Lightroom support added* Having spent a couple of weeks with the new Nikon D4s, I promised myself not to get too geeky with it, and indeed for the most part I shot real world subjects. But the ‘improved’ ISO performance was nagging at me. It was good, but with my D4 also by...