Photograph the beautiful
brown bears of Finland.

Finnish Bears Special, Finland workshop

PLEASE NOTE this trip is cancelled due to Coronavirus and social distancing.

In conjunction with Natures Images, join us in one of Europes most desolate and wild areas, along the Finnish and Russian border. Where, within the forests, lives the Brown Bear. A species that is as much impressive as it is threatened. During the summer nights, when darkness barely falls, the silence is broken only by the snapping of twigs as these beautiful animals come within feet of your hide. Photos courtesy of Natures Images.



Richard Peters is a Nikon Ambassador with a style that often favours dramatic light and contrast. He offers a relaxed, down-to-earth approach to his guiding and has won multiple international awards including twice in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year. He is also one of the only British photographers to have recieved the accolade of European Wildlife Photographer of the Year, alongside being a judge for both that and other international photography competitions. 


Day 1: We all travel to Kajaani airport in Finland via Helsinki to be met by our Finnish hosts. From there we have a transfer of 2-3 hours to Martinselkosen, our base for the first four nights. We’ll arrive late and over dinner discuss the trip and the photography that lies ahead.

Days 2: It will take some adjusting for ourr body clocks as it will be light for 24 hours a day. After the long day travelling the day before we will use the day to relax, ahead of our first nights encounter with the bears. Breakfast and lunch will be served at set times. Dinner will be around 3.30pm, then we have our short journey to the bear hides where we have exclusive use of 4, 2 man hides. Each offers completely different images, ensuring a good mix. The walk to the hides can see be a few mosquitoes if it is warm, so make sure you have some repellent for this and also in the hides themselves.

Day 3/4: Each day follows the same, we will be escorted from the hides at 730am, back to our base for breakfast, image backing up and some rest. Evenings follow the same routine, dinner and transfer to our chosen hide for 5.00pm. You will spend 1 night in each of the 3 different hide locations.

Days 5: After our third night in the hides we’ll have breakfast and shower before a 2-3 hour transfer to Viksimo, our next base. This location is owned by the same family and run to the same high standard. We'll have dinner that evening before transfer to the hides for our first night.

Day 6/7: Once again we will have three different hides to choose from, so each night you will use a different one. Alongside the large male bears that visit Viksimo, there is also chance of photographing Wolverine here too.

Days 8: After our final night in the hides, we head back for a well earned breakfast and then transfer back to Kajaani Airport for our return flights back home.


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