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Lightroom Classic Photo Editing

Take the stress out of image editing and managing your Lightroom photo library. Learn how to create a fast and efficient workflow that both saves you time sat in front of the computer and makes your images pop. Whether you're new to Lightroom Classic or simply feel like you're not using it to its full potential, professional wildlife photographer, Richard will show you how to quickly sort and process your photos to a higher standard. This extends to how to prepare them for competition, social media or magazine submission. Unlike a more traditional image editing workshop, where appropriate, you will also be advised on camera techniques you can apply at the shooting stage to assist the edit. Lightroom workshops take place in your own home, on your own computer, enabling everything you learn to be applied immediately to your setup and workflow. Online sessions are also available.

Experience Level

These Lightroom processing workshops are open to everyone. Whether you're a beginner or have been using Adobe Lightroom Classic for years, there's always a latest update with something new to know. Regardless your current knowledge base, Richard will help you gain new insights from his many years of digital workflow experince.

Do I Need Lightroom Already Installed?

Yes. Although Richard will bring along his own laptop too, the only absolute requirement for this photo processing workshop is that you have Lightroom Classic pre-installed on your computer. This ensures we don't waste valuable time on the day. Your time together should be spent on learning, not watching download bars.

Photo Processing Guidance

During your time with Richard, he will talk you through everything at a pace that suits you with the mantra that it's better to be asked the same question five times, and you understand the answer, than to be asked once and you forget.

Timed to Perfection

By default these days are held in your own home. This is the best way to learn, on your own computer, with your own files, in the comfort of familiar surroundings. And, at a time of day that suits you. If you're based in London or one of the surrounding counties of Hampshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Sussex, Kent or even further afield, Richard is able to come to you. Please get in touch to discuss additional travel options.

An Entire Workflow

Lightroom isn't just about editing your photos and walking away. There are many aspects to follow in order to minimise your time at the computer. Richard will teach you lots of little tricks and tips to speed everything up and enable you accomplish everything from importing to exporting, more efficiently.

On-going Tuition

Why not maximise your learning potential. If you wish to have periodic check-ins, this is also possible. Please get in touch to discuss your needs.

Learn these techniques

Make Your Images Pop

Your Mirrorless or DSLR captures a huge amount of data when you press the shutter. Lightroom allows you to tweak that information to give your images the finishing touch and to do so, the develop module is at the heart of this one-to-one.

Develop Module Tools Explained

Editing panels
Brushes and tools
Dust removal
Noise reduction, both AI and original
Lens profiles

As well as learning what all these functions do, you'll discover quick and simple techniques such as colour correction and building presets, plus how to convert successfully to black and white. By understanding what all the sliders do, when to use them and, crucially, when not.

Photo Catalogue Management

Lightroom isn't just a powerful image editing suit. It also features exceptional tools for allowing you to better manage your entire photo library. A streamlined and well organised hard drive is as important to an effective workflow as being able to quickly process and edit.

Library Module

Import settings
Import presets
Meta Data

During your tuition with Richard, he will offer advice on how to tweak your existing photo management workflow or help you setup a new one from scratch. Either way the aim will be to improve your photo library maintenance as it grows.

All This and More

Further expand your digital workflow by learning about graphics tablets and more, or for more shooting advice, check out Richard's photographic one-to-ones.

In-person vs Online

In-person Lightroom workshops run for 4 hours vs 2 hours for online. In person works well for those who want or need an entire catalogue management overhaul. In other-words, if you've got files and folders spread all over the place and multiple Lightroom catalogues, in-person is for you. This will make it far easier for Richard to help you organise everything and get your system streamlined. As well as working through the photo editing side of things.

Online Lightroom workshops are great if you just want to cover the usage of Lightroom Classic itself. Online, using Zoom to screen share, Richard can easily walk you through the ins and outs of the Library and Devlop module. Assisting with photo management within Lightroom and of course how to get the best out of the editing tools.


Of course it's easy for us to talk ourselves up. Richard really does pride himself on teaching you something new and getting the most out of your time together. Below is a very brief example of some of the vast amounts of feedback he has kindly been given on his Lightroom sessions. It's always a real pleasure to receive such kind words!


"Richard has been my 'go to' person for all things Lightroom and more. He has helped me considerably with my workflow and drew up a plan that gave me a structure to work within, when I had files scattered in many different locations.

Within a 1-2-1 he works at your pace and on your images to demonstrate, which is really helpful. His approach is logical to me and imparts his knowledge and suggestions in a very supportive and quiet manner, so no question is a seen as a daft one.

I had always wanted to develop my own post processing style and Richard has completely changed my approach, enabling me to experiment with confidence and to think more creatively. He is a master of light and how to bring out the potential within an image using the various options and tools within Lightroom."


"There is something so satisfying about creating order amongst all the chaos of wildlife images. The simple part is taking the image, the real work starts when processing them.

They need to be catalogued in an easy to find way, and then the processing needs to be clean, simple, short lived and still with that ‘punch’. Rich shares his skill set with great humour, simply explaining with ease the process required as the images are downloaded. The shortcuts, the necessaries and the unnecessaries, and the tools used to enhance and finish any image in your own style

He left me feeling totally enthusiastic with everything that LR has to offer, and shared his knowledge with modesty and energy. Spending time with LR in order to showcase your images is as important as the process of capturing the image, and Rich gave me the confidence to achieve the best of everything."


"In the 18 months I have been working with Richard on editing in Lightroom, I have not only seen a marked improvement in my editing, but also on my photography in the field.

The 1 to 1 sessions with Richard are not only hugely enjoyable, but with the help of his eye & discernment, I have grown in confidence in understanding what makes a great photograph & how it can be enhanced with often the subtlest of edits. Through these sessions I have also seen a greater hit rate in competition entries & improved the quality of my prints.

The sessions have been so good I have recommended Richard to several of my friends who I know value the time spent with him.

If you want to take your photography to the next level don’t hesitate to book a session with him."

Lightroom Classic Workshop

In-person £319


Online £199


N Kingston

As a fan of Richard Peters’ work I was delighted when my wife booked a 6 hour one-to-one workshop for my birthday. I have enjoyed taking wildlife photographs for a long time, gradually improving but realised I was taking the same old photographs. It was time for a new approach, good advice and a fresh pair of eyes. Upon arrival to our workshop, Richard bought me a coffee and we sat down to a short portfolio review. Richard looked at how I had composed, cropped and processed my images using Lightroom and suggested options and alternatives. It was a fantastic eye opener to have professional opinion and critique and Richard shared his technical skills and passion for photography, along with some methods of using light creatively. This Lightroom overview helped me learn some great shortcuts, which have since made a big improvement to my workflow. A run through of important camera settings, lots of questions from me and lots of great answers from Richard and we set off with our cameras to put the theory into practice. We soon spotted a very co-operative heron in some great light, I snapped away listening to Richards tips and it was great to see my shot then the next shot with Richards suggestions incorporated (you could really see the difference). The afternoon ended with an amazing sunset and, taking Richards advice, I waited until the sun had dropped low enough to experiment with backlighting. The 6 hours flew by and it was a fantastic day, with advice and encouragement from Richard throughout, and some great shots on the camera. Richard’s knowledge, and ability to pass it on in easy to understand ways, made this a valuable experience for me to push my photograph forward and help turn the same old photos into something new. Thank you!

K Bangs

As a relative newcomer to the world of photography, I booked a one-to-one with Richard with only 4 months experience of using a DSLR camera.

My aim was to improve my overall understanding of the different settings, including manual, with an overall objective to improve my wildlife photography (off the auto setting!) prior to my impending holiday to Africa. One of the specific issues I had been finding tricky was focusing on moving subjects, Richard soon put me on the right track and resolved this.

Richard also provided me with lots of well explained advice around different camera settings and image composition, which we put into practice throughout the day. I opted for the image review at the start of the session, I found this particularly useful as it helped highlight any areas that needed development during the session and also increased my confidence through the constructive feedback. Overall the workshop was really beneficial in terms of improving my knowledge and understanding, but it was also a really enjoyable day.

I would highly recommend a one-to-one to anyone wishing to develop their skills.

T Gehlot

Having seen Richard’s incredible work I was naturally a little intimidated when I initially booked my one-to-one with him. However he immediately made me feel at ease with his humour and friendly nature and our workshop had a great flow and was well thought out.

What I loved the most is that it was informative yet open and relaxed. Richard is a humble and passionate photographer who was very willing to share his tips and tricks and as a result of only a few hours together, I now have a much better understanding of where I am as a photographer and the areas I need to concentrate on to improve my photographic skills.

I wasn't sure going in how much benefit I would get from my workshop but it exceeded my expectations, everything was explained with great clarity and it inspired me to be more creative and confident.

Richard's knowledge and demeanour left me eager to push my photography further and once I’ve hit my next set of challenges, I’ll look forward to booking in again to learn more! Richard, thank you for such a wonderful experience.


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10th online only
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Online Sessions Flexibility

Please note for online workshops, there is some flexibility beyond these dates due to reduced logistics. Please get in touch for more info.

Want to Bring a Friend?

Discounted rates are available if you would like to bring a friend on your workshop. Richard is happy to accommodate a 2-2-1, so please do get in touch if you'd like to know more.

The Date I Want is Sold

New dates are added roughly three months in advance. So if the date you want is gone, check back again for new availability. And don't forget, for updates on other workshops, please do sign up to the free newsletter.


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