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Lightroom online photo processing workshop

Take the stress out of image editing and managing your photo library, by learning how to create a fast and efficient workflow to save you time and make your images pop. Whether you're new to Lightroom or simply feel like you're not using it to its full potential, Nikon Ambassador Richard Peters will show you how to quickly sort and process your photos to a higher standard or even prepare them for competition or magazine submission. Unlike a more traditional image editing workshop, you will also be advised on camera techniques you can apply at the shooting stage. Lightroom workshops take place in your own home, on your own computer, enabling everything you learn to be applied immediately to your setup and workflow.



Learn how to make your images pop
Your DSLR captures a huge amount of data when you press the shutter. Lightroom allows you to tweak that information to give your images the finishing touch and to do so, the develop module is at the heart of this one-to-one.

Develop Module tools explained
Exposure sliders
Editing panels
Brushes and tools
Dust removal
Noise reduction
Lens profiles

As well as learning what all these functions do, you'll discover quick and simple techniques such as colour correction and exposure adjustments plus how to convert successfuly to black and white. By understanding what all the sliders do, when to use them and, crucially, when not to, you'll be quickly adding the finishing touch to your photos in no time.

Photo catalogue management
Lightroom isn't just a powerful image editing suit. It also features powerful tools to allow you to better manage your entire photo library. A streamlined and well organised hard drive is as important to an effective workflow as being able to quickly process and edit.

Library Module
Import settings
Import presets
Meta Data

During your tuition with Richard, he will offer advice on how to streamline your existing filing system or help you setup a new one from scratch. Either way the aim will be to improve your photo library maintenance as it grows.

Learn these and more essential tools
Further expand your photo management by learning Export Settings, Watermarks for web, the benefits of Lightroom Mobile, different types of external hard drives and so much more.

After Before



I flew over to the UK, from Ireland, to spend two days with Richard and what a great experience it was, with day one being hands-on and day two concentrating on workflows and theory, which proved to be incredibly informative.

Richard demonstrated his workflow processes, including importing, cataloging, how to select the best images and development of those images to get them ready for exporting and printing. This was most instructive, as it differed in many ways to the various procedures I had followed online and showed me why I didn't always get a satisfactory final result.

His explanations of many of the tools and sliders was easy to follow and I had several “light bulb” moments as I realised their hidden potential.


Even though I had been using Lightroom for a while I was aware that I only knew the basics and wanted to gain some extra training so I could get the most out of it. Richard was a great teacher, really easy to get on with and extremely knowledgable. He helped me get my Lightroom catalogues in order and suggested better work flow as well as going through the library and develop panels.

Richard was always happy to answer questions or go over anything I didn’t quite understand at first and he offered advice and constructive criticism of my images which really gave me a better understanding of what to aim for, both in camera and through editing. I would recommend a Lightroom 1-2-1 with Richard to anyone wishing to improve their editing skills and processing knowledge. Being a fan of Richard’s work, it was a real pleasure and privilege to have this workshop with him and to have his professional advice and insight into the world of Wildlife photography.



Please note all dates are available for Lightroom online workshops. Dates that say online only, mean there is no in-person option for that day.

Online Lightroom workshop
2 hours

In-person Lightroom tuition
4 hours

Want to bring a friend? Discounted rates available for 2-2-1 workshops. 

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