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2018 photographic year in review. So many planes!

It barely seems like a couple of months ago I was penning my previous end of year recap. Since starting the beginning of 2018, January 1st in the Bangladesh countryside, I’ve since travelled to, in order, Kenya, Amsterdam, Italy, Finland, Italy, Ireland, Wales, Sri Lanka, Wales, Iceland, Wales, Scotland, Kenya, Poland, Ireland, Italy, France, Spain,...

The new look website is here

Richard Peters photography new website on iPad

It’s been five years since my website was given a lick of new paint and in internet time, that’s an eternity. Not only was it looking a little old fashioned but parts of it were cumbersome to update and for technical reasons, it was essential I made some changes. Now, after a lot more work...

Roundup: The Photography Show 2017

This past week saw the annual pilgrimage to the Birmingham NEC, from all over the UK and beyond, to visit The Photography Show 2017. As ever it was full to the brim with talks, demonstrations, camera gear, accessories and everything else you can think of that revolves around the industry and, once again, I had...