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One-to-one wildlife photography workshop

Spend the day learning a beginners guide to wildlife photography, discovering how to get the best out of your current camera or, for those with more experience, pushing the boundaries of advanced techniques with a bespoke one-to-one workshop. These days are not ‘one size fits all’ or aimed at photographing a specific subject for the day, instead each and every one is customised to you. By spending the day with Richard he'll ensure that, regardless of your experience level or camera brand, the end goal will be to ensure you come away knowing more about your equipment and how to use it more effectively.



You can learn from a large range of topics, based on your experience level. Aside from his many years of experience Richard has written many magazine features on camera techniques and, as such, is able to offer advice in a clear and easy to understand manner on aspects including but not limited to:

Understanding your camera
Digital SLR's have so many buttons and settings they can often feel overwhelming, especially if it's your first camera. Richard can go through all your settings, explaining what they are and in what scenario you may need them, before setting your camera up so it's always ready to go.

Exposure explained
Photography is first and foremost a study of light. Learning how to see, react and expose correctly is the key principle. The better you understand your camera, what it can and can't do, and how to adjust various exposure settings to account for ambient light, the better your photos will be.

Aperture, Shutter, ISO and Manual modes explained
Exposure Compensation
Auto ISO
Metering Modes made easy and more.

Focusing modes
Every scenario is different. Whether it's static or in motion, selecting the right focus mode can be the difference between getting the shot or not. If you're having trouble with focus modes and settings, especially with birds in flight, time spent on explaining different focus modes is recommended.

Long lens technique
Even with expensive lenses, getting a razor sharp image isn't always as easy as simply pointing your camera and pressing the shutter release. Discover the tips and tricks that will enable you to get sharper images both with and without a tripod.

Types of light
Taking the idea of exposure and working with the light to a more advanced level, learn how the different types of lighting can allow you to produce entirely different images to those you may have thought possible. Discover how best to position to make the best of any lighting situation.

Tailor your day to suit your needs
Remember, your one-to-one workshop is about you. Richard has catered to the full spectrum of photographers from running 'a beginners guide to wildlife photography' and upwards. Getting better results is as simple as saying what you'd like to learn.



3 hours £159
6 hours £259

Want to bring a friend? Discounted rates available for 2-2-1 workshops. 

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