One-to-one workshops
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One-to-one wildlife photography workshops, online or in-person.

From the comfort of your own home or out on location, learn anything from a beginners guide to wildlife photography to pushing the boundaries of advanced skills. Learn new techniques to help you get the best from your future photographic encounters. Covering anything from exposure basics and focusing to custom settings, workflows or advice for your next big trip, these bespoke workshops are not ‘one size fits all’, with each and every one tailored to you. By investing time with Richard Peters, a Nikon Ambassador with a wealth of accolades and experience within the industry, you will gain a greater understanding, faster, of how to develop your creativity, regardless of your experience or brand.



Aside from his many years of experience, Richard hosts talks at international trade events and has written many magazine features on camera techniques. As such, he is able to offer advice in a clear and easy to understand manner on aspects including but not limited to:

Understanding your camera
Digital SLR's have so many buttons and settings they can often feel overwhelming, especially if it's your first camera. Richard can go through all your settings, explaining what they are and in what scenario you may need them, before setting your camera up so it's always ready to go.

Exposure explained
Photography is first and foremost a study of light. Learning how to see, react and expose correctly is the key principle. The better you understand your camera, what it can and can't do, and how to adjust various exposure settings to account for ambient light, the better your photos will be.

Focusing modes
Every scenario is different. Whether it's static or in motion, selecting the right focus mode can be the difference between getting the shot or not. If you're having trouble with focus modes and settings, especially with birds in flight, time spent on explaining different focus modes is recommended.

Long lens technique
Even with expensive lenses, getting a razor sharp image isn't always as easy as simply pointing your camera and pressing the shutter release. Discover the tips and tricks that will enable you to get sharper images both with and without a tripod.

Types of light
Taking the idea of exposure and working with the light to a more advanced level, learn how the different types of lighting can allow you to produce entirely different images to those you may have thought possible. Discover how best to position to make the best of any lighting situation.

Long term career advice
For those who feel they may be ready to take the next step, Richard can offer his career experience to help point you in the right direction and make the most of your best images.

Tailor your day to suit your needs
Remember, your one-to-one workshop is about you. Richard has catered to the full spectrum of photographers from running 'a beginners guide to wildlife photography' to advising on long term goals. Getting better results is as simple as saying what you'd like to learn.



As a relative newcomer to the world of photography, I booked a one-to-one with Richard with only 4 months experience of using a DSLR camera.

My aim was to improve my overall understanding of the different settings, including manual, with an overall objective to improve my wildlife photography, and get away from the Auto setting, prior to my impending holiday to Africa. One of the specific issues I had been finding tricky was focusing on moving subjects, Richard soon put me on the right track by explaining my cameras focus system and when and how to change its settings.

Richard also provided me with lots of well explained advice around different camera settings and image composition, which we put into practice throughout the day. Not only was the workshop really beneficial in terms of improving my knowledge and understanding, but it was also a really enjoyable day.


As a fan of Richard's work I was delighted when my wife booked a one-to-one for my birthday. Upon arrival we sat down to a portfolio review where he looked at how I had composed and processed my images using Lightroom, suggesting constructive alternatives. It was a fantastic eye opener to have professional opinion and critique.

A run through of important camera settings, lots of questions from me and lots of great answers from Richard and we set off to put the theory into practice. We photographed a co-operative heron in some great light and it was good to see my shot, then the next shot with Richards suggestions incorporated (you could really see the difference). The afternoon ended with an amazing sunset and a lesson in backlighting.

Richard’s knowledge, and ability to pass it on in easy to understand ways, made this a valuable experience for me to help turn the same old photos into something new.


I initially felt a little intimidated when I booked my one-to-one with Richard. However he immediately made me feel at ease with his humour and friendly nature and our workshop had a great flow and was well thought out.

What I loved the most is that it was informative yet open and relaxed. Richard is a humble and passionate photographer who was very willing to share his tips and tricks and as a result of only a few hours together, I now have a much better understanding of where I am as a photographer and the areas I need to concentrate on to improve my photographic skills.

His knowledge and demeanour left me eager to push my photography further and once I’ve hit my next set of challenges, I’ll look forward to booking in again to learn more!

Richard, thank you for such a wonderful experience.


I flew over to the UK from Ireland, to spend two days with Richard, and what a great experience it was!

Having been to many wonderful wildlife areas in the world I was concerned that my efforts were becoming stagnant with the pressure to get the perfect “chocolate box” picture of every animal blunting my ability to see the potential for a different, more interesting shot. Additionally, I became aware of sliding into the pitfall of trying to buy better results through continual camera and equipment upgrades…I needed help. After doing some research I chose Richard Peters because his work stood out from the crowd and illustrated another aspect of photography that I hadn’t fully appreciated. Light! This was the catalyst I needed to reinvigorate my pursuit.

During our two days Richard's attitude was always encouraging, helpful and informative and I never felt I was the lowly pupil to the award winning artiste. It felt like two friends together rather than a first time encounter! His patience was infectious and it became clear that his photos were different because he was always looking for that unique pose, or background, or light direction that made the fewer frames taken more productive, each requiring less post editing work. We went through all my camera settings compared to his—what to use, what not to use and why, plus the choice of lenses to compliment the various situations, be it birds in flight or mammal portraits.

By the end of my two day stint I had accumulated a lot of information, picked up many great tips and had a better understanding of what I now needed to do to capture and produce more inspirational wildlife images.



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