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LensCoat Covers

Why have you got camo all over your lens? Surely it’s a waste of time and looks silly! That’s the question put to me by a non-photographer friend of mine. Looks silly? Well ok, depending on the situation you are in, yes I’ll give you that – it might. But waste of time, absolutely not!…

Shutter Release Cables

Back to basics and the bread and butter essentials that should be in every camera bag with this one. The shutter release cable. There are various ways to trigger the camera without directly touching it, the self timer is a quick and easy solution. But if you want a little more control a useful item…

WWS Strapped Beanbag

Beanbags are great, the only trouble is, many of them can be awkward to carry out in the field. Enter Wildlife Watching Supplies and their great range of beanbags with built in detachable shoulder strap…the ideal solution for beanbag shooters with large telephoto lenses.

Gitzo GT5541LS tripod

Whether you’re a medium/large format photographer, a big lens shooter using lenses like a 600mm f4, 800 f5.6, Sigma 300-800 zoom or just after a solid base for landscapes and macro, one thing is certain – you need very sturdy support. Enter the Gitzo 5 series range of tripods and the mighty GT5541LS, or as they like to call it ‘The…