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Asferico 2013: Commended

What’s Asferico, I hear you ask? I wasn’t sure myself until a few months back, but it’s the Italian Nature Photography Competition. I heard the news just before I flew out to Oz, and with a house move right after my return it slipped my mind until today, when the portfolio book fell through my letterbox! And that is that one of my images had the good fortune to be a ‘Highlighted’ (or commended) finalist in the 2013 competition.

Call of the Coyote. A coyote howls from atop a snow covered rock in Yellowstone National Park

Call of the Coyote

The image in question is called Call of the Coyote. One from Yellowstone that I’ve always had a soft spot for, but it’s never been well received in competition until now – so it’s great to see it in the pages of INPC portfolio book for 2013. And I guess I should cheekily point out now that prints are available!

The INPC Asferico, portfolio book 2013

The INPC Asferico, portfolio book 2013

It’s certainly been a crazy couple of months and as regulars will know, straight off the back of being on the other side of the world for five weeks, when I returned I had 8 days to pack and move house. That’s been followed by renovation and building work galore. So, I’m just starting to get back to normal from that and hopefully sharing this (now slightly old) news will help me get the ball slowly rolling again! 🙂

The INPC Asferico, portfolio book 2013

The INPC Asferico, portfolio book 2013

More info on the Italian Nature Photography Competition can be found here.

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