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An encounter with Pine Martens

Lets face it, if you had the chance to see some wild Pine Martens, you’d be more than happy to get up at 530am and drive for two hours along Yellowstone’s frozen valleys in sub zero temperatures to a location that has, in the past, been used by the BBC Planet Earth team, to photograph…

Mating Hare behaviour: 6 male vs 1 female

With fur and limbs flying everywhere, six male hare fight each other and chase just a single female before finally, exhausted, she stops long enough for the males to attempt to mate with her – whilst at all times being constantly attacked by the remaining males! Sometimes the animal kingdom can be a harsh place….

Killer in the Mist. Long exposure Alligator.

1/5 second would usually be thought of as way to slow for wildlife photography using a telephoto lens. But, when faced with less than ideal conditions, I wanted a photo that would really emphasis the intense stare this alligator was giving. The weather conditions forced me to think outside the box which resulted in this…

On Location: A week on Texel, Holland

I should have known this trip wouldn’t be the best as soon as I was asked to pay for overweight luggage at Heathrow Airport! And I would have been right. Five days of fog, one day of rain with grey skies and one, just one afternoon of sun and good light. Not the weather we…