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Wild Photo Adventures TV Show

It seems TV caters for everyone these days, everyone that is, except photographers…and getting even more specific, wildlife photographers. Sure the National Geographic Channel is full of documentaries with breath taking images but sometimes what I want as a photographer is a real show, with real people, helpful information, ideas and locations that anyone can...

Petition to Number 10 re: rights grabing

**UPDATE: 20/9: An email update has gone out to notify subscribers of this post, not sure what happened as it’s an old post. So apologies if you have seen this post previously** A growing number of people are concerned with companies that run photography competitions, and within the terms of entry say they gain the rights...

DP Magazine, article contribution

For those that buy Digital Photographer magazine, keep an eye out for this months issue (on sale today, 26th March) as I have some photos and tips in part of the magazines ‘Big Feature, Spring Into Nature’ article.

A brief mention in The L.A. Times blog

Bit of a random one this! Last week I got an email from a friend with a link to my Spring Lamb photo having been posted on (it crops up in the most random of places, even a year on!). I headed over to check it out and sure enough there it was, and,...