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A Walk on the Wild Side, B+W photography mag interview

Richmond. I love it. I’ve been to the park many times in the past. But the last visit was different. I found myself in a cafe sitting opposite a nice chap called Mark Bentley, from B+W Photography Magazine, as he recorded an interview with me on a dictaphone. It was a refreshing change to talk about my work face to face, as apposed to the typical typed email approach, and I’ve been looking forward to seeing the result of our meeting for some time!

A Walk on the Wild Side, B+W magazine interview, April 2013 issue

A Walk on the Wild Side, April 2013 issue

Fast forward almost two months and here we are, a beautiful seven page spread the April 2013 issue! I don’t often mention magazine type of stuff on the blog but I’m really pleased with the way this came out so I figured I’d bend the rule. So, if you’re a regular reader of the magazine I hope you enjoy what you see and read, and if you’re not a regular reader…well, this is a good a time as any to become one 😉

A huge thanks B+W Photography magazine for being kind enough to feature me, and to Mark for his hospitality and good company on the day!

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