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Red Deer and a perfect misty golden sunrise. It’s good to be back!

WOW, what a morning to get back in to the swing of things after weeks of not being able to enjoy my camera or the local wildlife! Perfect conditions with beautiful mist hanging in the air, along with a perfect clear sky for the sun to penetrate down and light the mist up. I’d go as far as to say these were the best conditions I’ve ever encountered in the park for photographing the deer in! Obviously it’s the rut season so I was hoping for some fights, of which there were none, just lots of noise – but with light like this, starting with warm pastels before bursting in to a bright orange glow before finally settling on a nice warm even light, complimented by lingering fog in the far of shade, I can’t complain!

Oh how I’ve missed using my camera. It’s good to be back!

Red Deer Stag calling out in beautiful pastel shades

Incredible rays of golden light burst through the trees

The light settles, but distant mist in the shade remains

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