Photograph the summer wildlife
of the Shetland Isles.

Shetland wildlife, summer special

In conjunction with Natures Images, join us on one of the most dramatic and inspiring locations in the British Isles, Shetland. It is undoubtedly a great place for wildlife photography during the simmer dim, where the sun only dips below the horizon for a few hours, which offers the potential for 19 hours of daylight. Our Shetland experience offers the splendour of locations such as Hermaness, the Puffins of Fair Isle, a full day of stalking Otters and other bird species that can be found on the islands including Red-necked Phalarope, Arctic and Great Skua and Whimbrel. Your 10 days will be packed full of opportunity to take full advantage of the settings, subjects and potentially that stunning and almost round-the-clock light that can be fund here at this time of year. All images on this page supplied courtesy of Natures Images.



Richard Peters is a Nikon Ambassador with a style that often favours dramatic light and contrast. He offers a relaxed, down-to-earth approach to his guiding and has won multiple international awards including twice in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year. He is also one of the only British photographers to have recieved the accolade of European Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

Tom Way is professional photographer and Natures Images guide who has seen success and awards in various competitions, including the European Wildlife Photographer of the Year. He favours a fine art style approach to his wildlife images and regularly exhibites his work at art fairs around the country. 


Day 1: A day of travelling to Sumburgh Airport on Mainland or Lerwick, if you have chosen to take the ferry (we will advise you on flight and other travel options that best suit once you have booked) were we will gather as a group and head to the northerly island of Unst, our base for the next 4 nights. It will have been a long days travel and, with an early starts on the following days ahead, we will have an evening meal, make initial plans, then have a good nights rest.

Days 2/4: Over each of these we will be splitting into two groups. 2 of us each day will be heading out with local wildlife photographers and otter experts Richard Shucksmith or Brydon Thomason, for an exclusive day photographing otters. This is only possible in very small group sizes, so we have asked them to add their expertise to the area and local otter families, adding additional guiding resources allows us to add this experience. Each of the main group will have a full day with them during our time on Unst. We will plan trips to a number of locations for the rest of the group, including the spectacular cliffs of Hermaness to photograph Gannets and Puffins, as well as a moorland walk to get there which offers nesting Great Skua and other opportunities. Alongside this, the island of Fetlar and a number of other locations in search of species including Red-necked Phalarope, Whimbrel, Fulmar and more. There will also be potential opportunity for landscape and macro photography as we enjoy the long hours of daylight offered at this time of the year. We will try to keep the itinerary flexible to ensure everyone gets the opportunity to visit every location.

Day 5: A final day of otter photography for those who have not yet done so and a final, broader, excursion for the rest of the group. As the day comes to an end we head back to our mainland accommodation.

Day 6: We set off after an early breakfast to Tingwall airport to hop across to Fair Isle. The plane is a small Cessna suitable for carrying 7, so the group will split in two with a guide travelling with each smaller group. There are weight limitations here so we will explain how to prepare of this when we send out the final trip details. Please note, the weather on the Shetlands Isles is very unpredictable with sea fog being the main concern. If the planes are unable to fly due to fog, we will look to fly the following day alongside an addition contingency of a 2.5 hour ferry crossing instead. This also applies to our return journey. Fair Isle is one of the most remote inhabited islands in the UK at around 60 residents. From our landing strip, we will be transferred to the bird observatory which will act as our base for the next few days Puffin photography.

Days 7/8: Despite the appearence of a lot of effort to head to Fair Isle it will give you a complete feel for the diversity of the Shetlands, as well as offer one of the finest locations for Puffin photography. The setting and light quality can be exceptional.

Day 9: One final early morning with the Puffins before catching planes back to the mainland, then on to our hotel at Sumburgh for a well earned meal and rest.

Day 10: We catch our return transport away from Shetland, based on whether you flew or caught the ferry respectively.


Shetland Summer Special, £2195

4th - 13th July 2018 SOLD OUT

A deposit of £295 is required at the time of booking.

Book your space now via the Natures Images booking form.

What’s included

  • Airport transfer
  • All transportation on Shetlands
  • Meals
  • Internal flights and ferries

Not included

  • Travel to Shetlands
  • Sundry items
  • Alcohol