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Photographing London from the air

The sun has just set and I’m staring at the lights of Canary Wharf through the viewfinder of my D3, The Thames leading the way towards the bright lights of the city…what’s so special about that? Well on any other day, not much…but on this occasion I’m 1000ft in the air leaning out the side of a…

Lowepro Lens Trekker 600 AW II

I’ve just taken delivery of the new version of Lowepro’s very popular Lens Trekker 600…finally! When I picked up my Nikon 600/4 I tried to get the Lens Trekker to go with it but was annoyed to find it had been discontinued! I looked at various other solutions, none of which appealed and after several…

Nikon 200-400 VR faq

Update 2017: A lens I owned for many years and it never let me down. Sharp and very practical thanks to the ability to zoom, it’s a lens I was sad to eventually see go. Although replaced with the newer MKII version, this older MKI shares the same optical formula as the VR II version….

Foxes in the dark with the D3

Lets be honest…no photo taken at ISO 25600, f4 at 600mm with a shutter reading in the viewfinder of LO is going to be ‘good’. In fact when viewing these at %100 my reaction was along the lines of ‘bluuurrggghhh’. However, the fact the D3 could lock focus when I myself was even finding it…