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Fitting the 600/4 in the 200-400 bag.

Whilst waiting for Lowepro to release an updated version of the Lens Trekker 600 (seems the older one isn’t quite big enough for a D3 & 600 VR so they are making the bag larger) I decided to see if I could get my non-VR 600 f4 in to my 200-400 bag as a stop gap measure…turns out not many people seem to know about this one, but the CL-L2 bag that is supplied with the 200-400 VR will also fit both the 500 and 600/4 primes. I’ve read a few comments from owners saying the lens simply does not fit in this bag but as you can see from the pictures, it simply does!

600/4 in CL-L2 bag

600/4 in CL-L2 bag

So, how did I achieve ‘the impossible’? Lets find out…

So what is the secret?
Well, to be honest it’s a very simple process, as it should be seeing as this bag is a listed accessory for both the 500 & 600 primes! I showed my friend this and he called up Grays of Westminster to order a second bag for his 600 VR and when he told them what he wanted it for even they were surprised it fits!

So to get the 600 f4 in this bag, with lens hood reversed, simply remove the lower padding insert from the bag…do this and the space left at the bottom of the bag is a perfect fit for your favourite telephoto! As you can see, there is a little room at the top as well, enough that you can actually fit a 1.4x TC to the lens without having to really stretch the bag **please note, the 600/4 VR is slightly longer so no real room for a TC to be attached without some bag stretching**

600 in the CL-L2

600 in the CL-L2

What’s the catch?
As you can see, there is of course one glitch in the master plan here…the lens fits very snugly in to this bag, and that’s the problem, leaving no room for your favourite body to be attached! I carry my body in a second Lowepro toploader bag with my 28-70 which suits me as I like to have a wide angle with me in case I come across any nice landscapes or sunsets whilst I’m out and about. Once the newer Lens Trekker 600 bag comes out I will of course switch to that but whilst waiting, this has proved to be a very useful and cheap way to solve the problem!

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