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Wildlife Photography and General Shooting Tips

Little tips, tricks and techniques I use when taking photographs. As and when I have time I’ll be adding to this section.


A change of focal length and step to the side

Static subject? Small changes can make a difference

Quick wildlife photography tip. Next time you find yourself in front of a static subject and have taken ‘theRead full post

Almost the perfect Red Fox pounce shot!

Keep an eye on your camera settings

It happens to the best of us. When you’re photographing wildlife, you never know what to expect and when. And IRead full post

Low Level Shooting

Want to achieve a more intimate shot of your subject or looking for ways to really emphasise them in the frame? If so,Read full post


Load Save is located inside the Setup Menu on the Nikon D3s, as well as many other Nikon DSLRs

Backing up your camera settings using Load/Save

Here’s a great little feature worth using if your Nikon DSLR has it. The Load/Save settings option. But what doesRead full post

Set Artist and Copyright in Copyright menu

Add copyright info to your photos EXIF

A very quick tip for any newer photographers out there (I assume many seasoned photographers will know this already),Read full post

FEE code means the aperture lock is not set

Nikon DSLR Error codes: Explained

Ever had a dreaded error message flash up on your Nikon DSLR? Or is it happening right now and your search has broughtRead full post

How to find your camera’s shutter count

Here’s a quick tip…want to find out the exact number of actuation’s (aka the shutter count) on yourRead full post