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Wildlife in the USA

A coyote battles the wind and snow covered floor in Yellowstone National Park

Trip Report: Yellowstone Winter Wildlife, Part 3

We’re standing in a thick blizzard. Tree’s surround us and visibility is down to 50 feet at best. Not aRead full post

A frost covered bison stands up to the harsh Yellowstone winter

Trip Report: Yellowstone Winter Wildlife, part 2

It’s -39c, my breath is freezing to the collar of my jacket, there’s four foot of snow on the ground and onRead full post

A bison battles a passing blizzard in Yellowstone National Park.

Trip report: Yellowstone Winter Wildlife, part 1

The road under the car is covered in thick ice, the trees are covered in snow and a herd of frosty bison can be seenRead full post

A Pine Marten pops out from under a log cabin in Yellowstone National park

An encounter with Pine Martens

Lets face it, if you had the chance to see some wild Pine Martens, you’d be more than happy to get up at 530amRead full post

Great Blue Heron with juvenile, sunning behaviour

Sitting on it’s nest in the 90 degree heat this adult Great Blue Heron would stretch out it’s wings, almostRead full post

Oasis Photo Contest 2013

Killer in the Mist. Long exposure Alligator.

1/5 second would usually be thought of as way to slow for wildlife photography using a telephoto lens. But, when facedRead full post

On Location: Burrowing Owls in Florida [video]

One species I had not seen before, but knew could be found in Florida, is the Burrowing Owl. So I decided to spend someRead full post

A quick trip to Florida

Bitten by red ants, bitten by mosquito’s and stuck out in the open during a massive thunderstorm! I’ve justRead full post

Florida wildlife

Since I originally wrote this article I’ve had more experience of the sunshine state and so I decided to revisitRead full post