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One-to-One photographic tuition

Bespoke One-to-One workshops & photographic tuition

Gain a broader knowledge and a better understanding of your camera and the techniques required to improve your wildlife images for the long term, with a bespoke photography workshop with Nikon Ambassador and former European Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Richard Peters. These One-to-One workshops are not ‘one size fits all’ or aimed at photographing a specific subject for the day. Each and every one is customised to the individual regardless of skill level or camera brand, so that you come away with something far more valuable than just a selection of images.

As a firm believer that it’s better to ask the same question 5 times and understand the answer, than ask it once and forget, these workshops are paced to suit you and your skill level.

PRICE: 3 hours (£159) 6 hours (£249)

Dates are flexible based around Richard’s current schedule. Please get in touch to discuss availability. Book a 6 hour One-to-One and receive 10% off a Private Lightroom Workshop*


Want to buy this workshop as a present for someone else? Gift vouchers are available.

With everything from the basics up to more advanced techniques available, participants are asked to provide a brief list of exactly what they want to learn as ultimately, the sole purpose is for you to gain maximum benefit from your day. Topics that can be covered include:

Aperture, Shutter, ISO and manual modes explained
Exposure Compensation
Auto ISO
Metering Modes

Settings for varying subjects, such as birds in flight
Different modes explained

Using Light
Types of light explained
How to position for best results
Types of images available based on conditions

Long Lens Technique
Handheld and Tripod

Due to the nature of these One-to-One tuition days being based around techniques rather than specific subjects, they can be held almost anywhere. If you have a preferred area Richard is able to either travel to you or a convenient location half way.

The fees above are inclusive of travel costs within a 50 mile radius of Guildford, Surrey. Please get in touch to discuss additional travel costs if you require your One-to-One to take place outside of this radius.

Because One-to-One tuition is bespoke to each participant, there is no limit on equipment or brand required. From entry level to high end, all are welcome. The only caveat is that this tuition is better suited to DSLR cameras rather than compacts or hybrids.

For those who may find benefit you are welcome to bring along a portfolio of images on an iPad or equivalent, should you require a constructive review of your current work as part of your tuition.

Please note, workshops will go ahead regardless of rain or sun. Richard cannot be held accountable for adverse weather conditions impacting on the day and will strive to teach you everything you require to learn, but please keep in mind some techniques are easier to teach in certain conditions. In the advent of hugely adverse weather that is unsafe to work in, a new date can be arranged.

For those wishing to maximise their learning potential, Richard can be booked for extended private workshops spanning several days. Please get in touch to discuss your needs.