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Camera Reviews and Talk

Camera reviews are a very subjective thing. Here you won’t find in depth technical charts and analysis, but rather thoughts on various aspects after hands on use for extended periods of time. Even as newer camera’s come out, these reviews will still stand for those looking to buy a second hand bargain.

Red Deer

Nikon D500 review: The wildlife photography featherweight champion

For wildlife photographers, seeing a new, true, Pro DX body in the Nikon line-up has been a longtime coming. SevenRead full post

Nikon D5 review: the Beauty is a Beast

From a wildlife photographers perspective, on paper, the Nikon D5 is a good camera. Actually, on paper, it’s anRead full post

The Nikon D4s. King of the darkness. Just.

Nikon D4s: Should you upgrade?

Question time: If you own a Nikon D4, should you upgrade it to a D4s? There’s always a flurry of activity with any newRead full post

Nikon D810, 600VR, 1/640, f5.6, ISO 560

Nikon D810, a super quiet powerhouse! *UPDATE*

Sssshhhh, what was that? There it goes again, like a feint muffled click. That my friends, will be the beautifullyRead full post

The Nikon D4s and older D4, side by side

Nikon D4s vs D4 high ISO *UPDATE*

*Updated now Lightroom support added* Having spent a couple of weeks with the new Nikon D4s, I promised myself not toRead full post

A 100% crop of the eye from a D800 image, taken with the 200-400 VR.

D800 with 200-400 VR samples, plus initial thoughts

My time owning the D800 didn’t start well. I dropped it(!) and it spent 3 weeks at Nikon having £400 worth ofRead full post

The Nikon D4 and D3s, side by side

Nikon D4 vs D3s: initial review and comparison

I’ve not had the D4 long but thought I’d share a few initial thoughts and comparisons between it and theRead full post

Nikon D800: my hands on pre-production review

So, it’s launch is not far off now but I’ve just had the chance to do a pre-production review of the newRead full post

The new Nikon D4

My hands on pre-production review of the Nikon D4

As a Nikon shooter and self confessed gadget geek, it doesn’t get much better than being offered an afternoon toRead full post

Ethics Disclaimer:
I’m not paid to review camera gear for my blog. All reviews are generally either kit I own, borrow or rent. However, you will find a few affiliate links dotted around the site. Buying via these links will earn me a couple of pennies towards the time I spend writing content for the blog – so if you like what you read, using one of the links would be very much appreciated. However, if you would rather not use the links, I can still recommend the companies in general as they are all ones I use myself.