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Bags and Accessories

There’s a plethora of accessories to buy beyond just the camera and lens. Below, you’ll find a selection of the items I find invaluable. Some of these reviews were written some time ago, but many bags and accessories stand the test of time and still serve me well even now.


Passport Pocket for easy access of your travel documents. ThinkTank Photo Aiport International v2.0

ThinkTank Photo: Airport International v2.0, review [video]

This is one of the best bags I’ve ever used! If

Lowepro Lens Trekker 600 AW II

I’ve just taken delivery of the new version of


LensCoat Rain Coat

LensCoat RainCoat review

There are a number of waterproof covers you can use to

Offering some padding to help protect your shoulder from the weight of you

LensCoat (leg) Wraps, review

I had an email from Scott at LensCoat a little while

ThinkTank Photo: Hydrophobia 300-600 review [video]

Time to get wet (or, hopefully not)! If you shoot with

LensCoat Covers

Why have you got camo all over your lens? Surely


Retina Display review for photographers

Retina displays are nothing new now. But here’s

Intervalometers (timer release cables)

What’s an intervalometer I hear you ask? Well,

Shutter Release Cables

Back to basics and the bread and butter essentials

Giottos Rocket Blower

Another of the basic essentials that should be found

Ethics Disclaimer:
I’m not paid to review camera gear for my blog. All reviews are generally either kit I own, borrow or rent. However, you will find a few affiliate links dotted around the site. Buying via these links will earn me a couple of pennies towards the time I spend writing content for the blog – so if you like what you read, using one of the links would be very much appreciated. However, if you would rather not use the links, I can still recommend the companies in general as they are all ones I use myself.