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BWPA 2012: Highly Commended

Off the back of my recent Wildlife Photographer of the Year award, I’m equally delighted that I can now announce I’ve also been selected for a Highly Commended in the 2012 British Wildlife Photography Awards. The image chosen, which will be shown in the book as well as feature in the exhibition, is this simple portrait of a Jackdaw.

BWPA 2012, Highly Commended Award. Photo by wildlife photographer Richard Peters

BWPA 2012, Highly Commended

UPDATE: You can now also see my Highly Commended image from the 2013 competition here.

I took this image whilst photographing some coots at low level on a pond and glanced over to see the jackdaw making it’s way towards me. I slowly turned my camera away from the water and towards the jackdaw, where it had become so close that this is the resulting full frame image. It paused, stood on one leg briefly before coming (too) close and then eventually taking flight. Although a simple portrait, it’s one that’s always remained among my own personal favourites, and so I’m really quite pleased it’s been given it’s five minutes of fame!


Further to the Highly Commended photo two more photos, one of a little owl and one of an otter, have also been selected to join it within the pages of the 2012 BWPA book, Collection 3, with the little owl image also being chosen as an Editors Choice for Outdoor Photography magazines coverage of the competition. A bonus I really didn’t expect but am quite chuffed to have received. So keep an eye out for those two extra’s if you pick up a copy of BWPA Collection 3!


This years overall winner by Matt Doggett of gannets diving under the water for fish is a stunner. In fact this year is looking like a very strong one for the competition so it’s wonderful to accompany such superb photos and photographers.

But don’t just take my word for it, I can highly recommend you take a look at the BWPA website and check out the winners and a selection of highly commended images for yourself…:)


Very well done! I hope you get a percentage of the book sales. ;-)

Richard Peters

That would be lovely wouldn’t it! :)